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All models and lasercutsets of our very own publishing house HMV-Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag can be found in the  HMV category. You can get up-to-date information about the HMV on our HMV-facebook-page or in our Newsletter. (The newsletter is currently only available in German)

More information all around the HMV, background stories and a exclusiv and limited annual model receive our club members. All HMV-Club memberships can be found here.


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New Ship of the line S.M.S. Nassau

Product no.: 103046

55.00 € *
In stock

New Buoy Tender Bruno Illing

Product no.: 103428

11.99 € *
In stock

New Cathedrale de Chartres

Product no.: 303524

34.90 € *
In stock

New Limburg Cathedral

Product no.: 205770

19.90 € *
In stock

New Norwegian Pilot Boat

Product no.: 103340

11.99 € *
In stock

Wappen von Hamburg

Product no.: 103341

24.99 € *
In stock

Lighthouses of the world - Australia

Product no.: 103479

16.99 € *
In stock

AGK Heft 17

Product no.: 302717

12.80 € *
In stock
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